Kiwanis Clubs in Albania
There are three reports to be made in writing and sent to Gent by post:

The Quarterly report every three months, end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December
The Membership form for every change in membership there is.
The Election report after the big meeting in September.

Report of every Meeting
To be sent through after every meeting every two weeks for the
Newsletter Albania and Switzerland-Liechtenstein

These reports will be sent to Peter Jaeggi, Chair Albania and Hannes Deetlefs, Chair Kiwanis Education Program until further notice.

Name of Kiwanis Club:                 


Number of members attending:    

Number of members in Club:      

Number of visitors:                      

Place where Meeting was held:  

Date of Kiwanis Club Meeting:    

Day of the Meeting:                     

Date of the next meeting (in 14 days):  

Speaker at the meeting and Theme of the Meeting:

Membership reporting: Members Excused from the Meeting, New Members, Members that left the Club:
(60% attendance per year has to be met by every Member in average)

Social Projects decided upon or in consideration:

For Pictures, please attach and send them by E-Mail! Please click here!

We need some help, some advice:    Yes     No



In the middle of September of each year the big Annual Meeting has to be held with all members being invited 14 days before the meeting in writing. All members of the Club are expected to be there, so decide on the date early.

At this meeting the President reads his report on everything that happened during his year, the tresasurer gives the finasncial account in writing and explains it to the members.

Presidency changes to the Vice-President and a new vice president is elected. The same happens with all other office bearers, except Secretary and Treasurer. They can be asked by the members to remain in their positions.

Other decisions can be made, like raising or lowering the annual member fee, final decisions on charity projects for the coming year etc.


Important: Report all changes in Office Bearers or Membership directly to the Kiwanis International Regional Sevice Center-Europe, Leiekaai 25 D, B-9000 Gent!

Thanks a lot for your kind co-operation!

Hannes Deetlefs
Chair KEP