Newsletter 1 KEP
November 19th, 2007

Charter Kiwanis Club Shkodër in Albania

Saturday, December 8th, 2007 in Shkodër, Albania: Charter with Sponsoring Clubs KC Dornach and KC Wattwil-Toggenburg

Paricipants registered up to date:
• KF Wahib Aladin, Chairman KEP Europe, Trustee Kiwanis Foundation, KC Sion-Valais
• Governor Bernhard Bally , Governor Schweiz-Liechtenstein, KC Les Moraines-Ouest Lausanne
• KF Peter Jaeggi, Past governor Schweiz-Liechtenstein, KC Fryburg Sense-See
• Guido Müller, representing the Sponsor Club KC Dornach
• Winistörfer Margrit KC Dornach
• Balz Störi, Board Member KEP, KC Wädenswil
• Dorothea Zimmermann KC Wädenswil
• Teddy Sauder, Board Member KEP, KC Wattwil- Toggenburg
• KF Hannes Deetlefs, Chair KEP, KC Wattwil-Toggenburg

Remark: Bookings for this trip are still possible. Please contact KF Balz Störi, 055 442 92 07 / 079 419 28 91

Trip Charter KC Shkoder

Thursday, December 6th
10’00 – 14’40 Flight Zuerich – Tirana (Adria Airways)
15’00 Visit Tirana Visit known Minister Sightseeing
19’00 Dinner Hotel Belinda, Durres
Guests at the dinner:
Gezim Musabelliu (Deputy Parlamentary Group, Committee for Defense and Security) Speaks German and French
Riza Poda, Deputy Ombudsman, speaks English and French
Hotel: Hotel Belinda, Durres, 6 Persons, 2 single and 2 double rooms
We stay in the Hotel Belinda, Durres

Friday, December 7th
08’30 Breakfast
9-11.30h, Schools of the region How they work, how the teachers teach and how the students learn.
12h35 Arrival Kjell Johansen and Oddvar Danbolt from Norway
We collect them on our way to Shkoder Lunch on the way
14’00 Visit Shkoder
- Visit of the market where we offloaded the trucks ca 10 – 15 Min
- Visit of the Playground ca 10 Min
- Visit School for the Handicapped
- Visit of School we put the black-boards in
- Sightseeing

Dinner in Shkoder, Hotel Europe or some other place
Hotel: Hotel Europe, 5 Persons, 2 single and 2 double rooms
Note: Kjell Johansen and Oddvar Danbolt from Norway booked on own account

Saturday, December 8th
Until 09’30 Breakfast
10’00 Airport Tirana
11’20 Arrival Wahib Aladin und Bernard Bally from Zuerich
12’00 – 14’00 Lunch somewhere
14’00 Shkoder, free sightseeing
Charter: Last Organisation efforts


Hotel: Hotel Europe, Shkoder, 8 Persons, 4 single and 2 double rooms

Sunday, December 9th
Until 10’00 Breakfast
10’30 Check out Hotel
Leave for Tirana Airport, check in
12h10: Leaving of Wahib Aladin and Bernard Bally
Sightseeing Tirana Back in the Airport Tirana
15’10 – 19’35 Leaving Tirana – Zürich (Adria Airways)

Monday, December 10th

1130 from Shkoder
1420 Departure Kjell Johansen and Oddvar Danbolt

Ticket: Flight: SFr. 542.-
Hotel Rooms: 3 x ca. SFr. 150.- = SFr. 450.-
Transfers: Not clear as yet
Dinner and Lunches 3 x Lunches 2 x Dinners 1 x Charter

Details Club KC Shkodër:

President: Kastriot Faci. 35 Members from all levels of the Albanian society. They have to take care of all projects of the Kiwanis-Education Program in Shkodër and have to coordinate them. All Members also have to take part in the active development of the Program as well as to see to it that new clubs are started. One aim is to revitalize the existing Club KC Tirana.

A word of thanks
We especially want to thank the following Clubs for their efforts and for their interest::

KC Winterthur KC / Sihltal-Zürich / KC March-Hoefe / KC Weinfelden /
KC Wattwil-Toggenburg / KC Gossau-Flawil / KC Dor-nach/ KC Davos / KC Biel / KC Basel-Merian / KC Thun / KC Rorschach-Sulzberg / KC Surselva /
KC Liechtenstein / KC Wä-denswil / KC Lugano/ KC Benken-Linth / KC Zermatt / Kiwanis Clubs in the region of the Tessin and Northern Italy

We also want to thank the Firms who helped us so generously with the transport. They did not only charge us extremely low fares, but also helped to load and to offload the trucks, work that caused quite an amount of sweat! All this made the Project of the first of Sep-tember such a big success!

Gafner AG from Gwatt-Thun with KC Urs Gafner (KC Thun): KC Urs Gafner charged far less than he could have charged and KC Thun subsidized the transport financially!
SLT Speditions EST with KC Bryan Jeeves from Schaan, (KC Lichtenstein)
Our Kiwanis Friend Bryan Jeeves donated the travelling expenses for one truck, including the fare cahrged by the Ferry Bari – Durres. For the second truck he also charged way below what he could have charged. We also want to mention Manfred Müller, who organised everything so perfectly!
We had to collect the furniture and store it in Thun and Rorschach. This we did with the help of:
Landolt Transport AG from Pfaeffikon SZ with KF Armin Landolt (KC March Höfe) and KF Armin Meier (KC Sihltal-Zürich): Here, too, only the minimum was charged!

Crane work: Caduff SA Tavernase

We may not forget the donation of the School bus for handicapped children:
KC Weinfelden organized a School bus for handicapped children
This bus, equipped to transport handicapped children, came from the Stiftung Friedheim, Weinfelden, and had been taken out of service because of age. In Albania this bus will, however, still do its duty for many years to come!

In the near future the letters of thanks will be posted. Please have some patience!

Sponsors and Friends

We want to invite you to become a Friend of KEP. We are looking for every Kiwanian who could help us in any way to make this pro-ject KEP a suiccess. We do not only need help in financial matters. Those who have contacts to important people, those, who can tell us where we could ask for storage rooms, furniture or transport are wlcome to join us as KEP Friends! Please give us a call or send us an E-mail! deetlefs@compuserve.com, You could also phone a member of the board or send us the application form you find on our website! Click here!

Board KEP:
The very active board has the following members::
President Hannes Deetlefs (071 931 31 17),
Vice-President Damian Tomaschett (081 925 37 62),
Finance Claudio Rageth (071 983 41 20),
Logistics Balz Störi 055 442 92 07),
Advertising / IT Eugen Monn (081 943 32 20),
Assistance Rolf Bachmann (071 923 18 04),
Assistance Teddy Sauter (071 983 37 33)

With kind Kiwanis greetings,

Hannes Deetlefs
Chair KEP